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sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Brazilian process of Dilma Rousseff`s impeachment

To the International Press

Brazil has a very complicated way to understand what government means. People understands government as an institution full of people that cares about the citizens best way to live. However, traditions have shown that this way of thinking leads corrupt politics to govern.

PT, Dilma e Lula anyway, somehow, have destroyed the Brazilian economy, social services, state companies, national treasure after 13 non-interrupted years of government.

Brazilian people (about 86% ) is full of that and there is only a democratic way to take this people out of power:: Impeachment!

The problem is that part of those that can take measures to implement the impeachment process are also corrupted and STF has a lot of ministers indicated by Lula, Dilma and PT, also beneficiated by them.Lula, Dilma and Pt betrayed the trust and hope of the Brazilian people

To start the Impeachment process, and brazilian people is in an understandable hurry, there was no time to clean our institutions by putting out all corrupts...

In order to survive, and as always, Dilma, Lula and PT are trying to convince the international press that Impeachment process is not democratic. But it is, and with corrupted institutions, it can happen that nothing will change if Dilma stays as president. It would be a catastrophe

Rui Rodrigues

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