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terça-feira, 29 de abril de 2014

Warning... Boycot to the 2014’s world cup – Brazil!

Warning... Boycot to the 2014’s world cup – Brazil!

Buses are being burned out through of the streets.  Police and narcotraffic forces are fighting everywhere. Underway stations and wagons are not enough to transport all  people and timing is not a priority. If you come to the world cup, you will be in a wild country. Your life is not guaranteed. A lot of people dies because of “losted bullets”, what means that you died and never the murder will be find or punished. The Brazilian government is lead by a woman, terrorist in the early past of 60's , who got the power through Lula’s indication. To her, the power is more important that the people. Whatever is needed to keep the power, she will do what she wants don’t matter what or how or even when. Better Brazilian’s way of life, or better education, is a lie. Keep in touch  with the international media.

₢ Rui Rodrigues 

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